Blue Ribbon | Remo Drive


Photo by Trevor Sweeney

Sam Blatchford

American rock outfit Remo Drive, consisting of brothers Erik (vocals/guitar) and Stephen (bass) Paulson, and Sam Matyrs on drums, hail from the land of 10,000 lakes The brothers have always had music in their life. They’ve been playing since high school, and currently they’re gearing up for the release of a new EP (Pop Music) with the release of their  new single, “Blue Ribbon,” out February 23. The trio also recently signed with LA-based indie record label Epitaph, making it their first time being signed by a label.

“Blue Ribbon” takes listeners to a relaxing day at the beach accented with loud overdrive, heavy toms, tambourine and lo-fi drum machine beats. The sound production on this song is phenomenally crisp, making it stylistically different from their first album, Greatest Hits, which had more of a raw, exposed element.  Paulson’s vocal performance has improved as well. Their style has evolved and culminated into a sound closely resembling The Killers — if they were punk — with hints of Vampire Weekend’s reggae sides, something that may attract a wider audience with their pop-inspired tracks.

Remo Drive is certainly maturing within their sonic identity, while lyrically staying the same youth driven dudes who want to drink and have a good time.

Watch out for the release of Pop Music, released March 9 via Epitaph Records.