Growing Pains | COIN


Grace McKelvey

COIN, the indie-pop band formed in Nashville, are back with their first new jam since last year’s album,  How Will You Know If You Never Try, which featured hits like “Talk Too Much” and “Malibu 1992.” In classic COIN fashion, the song features a catchy chorus and bridge on a Walk the Moon- style springy pop beat, matching their energetic stage presence.

The new track, “Growing Pains,” tells a journey of self-discovery and some of the difficulties we face growing up. Sustaining awkward surface level conversations with strangers and the internal battle of whether to go out or not are just a few of the struggles we face in the journey of early adulthood. “Growing Pains” also has an underlying search for love as most of COIN’s songs usually do – the girl he can’t get out of his head so he always ends up running back to her.  

COIN just played at St. Andrews Hall on February 17,  but there are plenty of other concerts scheduled on their North American tour extending until late May 2018 so be sure to check them out.