Catch It | Iceage


Andrew Younker

Danish post-punk outfit, Iceage, only have a couple things in common with their name. With cold attitudes and a bleak approach to lyricism, their emotion is white-hot with anger and their songs are anything but static — changing forms and speeds at a moments notice behind the fist-shaking rage of frontman, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt. Their last full- length release, Plowing Into the Field of Love, signified an advancement by the Denmark four-piece, incorporating countless instrumental accompaniments to go along with the usual noisy guitars and shattered drums. This, paired with a marked growth in songwriting prowess, showed that sky’s the limit for this dreary post-punk band.

“Catch It” is a droning, bar-shaking anthem of a track. The downtempo weight, reminiscent of The Velvet Underground’s “Venus In Furs,” claws forward with a tremendous fury, like a pirate ship fighting through a torrential downpour and inclement tides. Elias’ deep, youthful croon barely grips a melody, floating along with the treble coursed guitars, teeth gritted and eyes closed. The chorus capitalizes on Iceage’s chaotic tension as Elias calls out to “catch it” repeatedly, ambitiously clawing to the forefront of a fuzzy guitar landscape. The latter third of the track goes ballistic with double-timed drums and nightmare-ish guitar strokes before landing back in the pocket of Elias’ frustrated cry. “Catch It” solidifies itself as one of Iceage’s best tracks to date, leaving nothing but hope for their next big release.