Throwback Thursday — Driving Me Backwards | Brian Eno (1973)


Michael Orbain

Whoever coined the term “Jack of all trades” has obviously never heard of Brian Eno and his past as a musician, producer, writer, composer and visual artist with contributions to rock, pop, electronic, generative and ambient music. Eno is known in part for his role as a keyboard player for the band Roxy Music and his work with artists such as David Bowie, Devo, and Talking Heads. That said, Eno is largely recognized for his solo work and as a pioneer in the genre of ambient music. Eno’s experimental and intricate style is evident throughout his discography and has helped inspire many bands and artists to date.

Driving Me Backwards” storms to life with a haunting piano rhythm that has you check to make sure you aren’t listening to Beethoven. Eno’s pitch-shifting vocals matched with this piano rhythm help beautifully create the hypnotic and demented tone Eno was going for in this track. The icing on the cake is a distorted guitar that somehow manages to squeeze its way past all the commotion of the track and sets itself flawlessly among the madness. The song drones out in what feels like no time and makes you wonder “what the heck just happened?” “Driving Me Backwards” is just one mark that shows Eno’s ability to create stunning pieces across many genres and makes the case for Eno as the true “Brian of all trades.”