Gold | EDEN


Stephanie Stapert

EDEN brings us through a story about learning to let go of the past in his new song “Gold”. The track is a part of EDEN’s new album, Vertigo, which he released through his own record label, MCMXCV. The song implies a new era, which singer Jonathon Ng has entered, now going by EDEN instead of the Eden Project. This change also appears in his music as it has gone from more electronic dance to a more indie pop feel.

“And if you want you can breathe on your own/ This isn’t what I thought but it’s beautiful”

As young adults or “overgrowing youths,” we are all still figuring out who we are as people and what type of life we want for ourselves. EDEN perfectly captures the nerves and excitement by encouraging listeners to breathe on our own, experiencing freedom and responsibility for ourselves. Learn from the events in your life, yet don’t let them control you. We are all running from things and maybe we should be embracing all opportunities in life instead of worrying about the past.

If you like “Gold”, or “Crash”, which has been gaining popularity, then check out the rest of EDEN’s album Vertigo.