Thee After Hourz 1/4/17


Hell Spawn

Show Playlist

10 PM

Oh Hiroshima – Drones [request]

Dreadful Fate – The Sin Of Sodom

Slayer – Tormentor

Church Of Misery – Killifornia [request]

Frosthelm – The Endless Winter

No Amnesty – NOTLD

Burzum – Lost Wisdom [request]

Arsis – Servants To the Night [request]

Dagon – Cut To The Heart

Heathen Foray – Bifrost

Whitechapel – Daemon (The Procreated) [request]


11 PM

Nova – Guerra Per Il Firmamento

The Atlas Moth – Holes In The Desert

Isis – Backlit

The Sword – Lords

Darkest Hour – A Distorted Utopia

Arch Enemy – Silverwing

At The Gates – The Conspiracy Of The Blind

Sabaton – Sparta

Kreator – As The World Burns

Magick Touch – Midnite Sadusa

Enslaved – Frost

Vhorthax – The Levitating Tomb

Midnight – Here Comes Sweet Death


12 AM

Watain – Nuclear Alchemy

Watain – Sacred Damnation

Watain – Teufelsreich

Watain – Furor Diabolicus

Watain – A Throne Below

Watain – Ultra (Pandemoniac)

Watain – Towards The Sanctuary

Watain – The Fire Of Power

Ancient Bards – The Birth Of Evil

Armored Dawn – Viking Soul

Stratovarius – Higher We Go

Ofdrykkja – Mother Earth, Devour Me


1 AM

Eye Of Nix – Lull

Evilfeast – From the Northern Wallachian Forest… Tyranny Returns

The Howling Void – When I Am Forgotten

Wildernessking – White Horses

Long song of the week is:

Ennui – Hopeless


Upcoming Shows

Dagon @ The Avenue on January 27th

The Atlas Moth @ The Pike Room on February 11th

Darkest Hour @ The Loft on February 23rd

Sabaton and Kreator @ 20 Monroe Live on February 26th

Watain @ St. Andrew Hall on February 28


Top 10 Adds


  • Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse
  • Nova – Soli Contro Il Mondo
  • Dreadful Fate – The Sin Of Sodom
  • Evilfeast – Elegies Of The Stellar Wind
  • Ofdrykkja – Irrfard
  • Howling Void, The – The Darkness At The Edge Of Dawn
  • Magick Touch – Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire
  • Vhorthax – Nether Darkness
  • Eye Of Nix – Black Somnia
  • Midnight – Sweet Death And Ecstasy




Happy new year of metal listeners,

Thanks all you diehards out there for calling in so many great requests this week we’re always thrilled when you guys participate. I’m especially pleased with Burzum being asked for, always up for some crusty old Varg Vikernes tunes. If you haven’t checked out everyone here at the show’s year end lists you can go to this link and scroll down to find links to everything we loved from 2017. Terrorsquid in particular has you covered if you’re looking for stuff you might’ve missed as he’s got 50 whole albums reviewed and ranked for you. My list is finally done as well so look for that link in the same place as the others tomorrow if you care to read about some of my favorite old-school death metal demos from 2017. Also more gushing about Power Trip despite you probably already experiencing way too much of that from all types of metal-related media. They really do rip that hard despite what Terrorsquid might say.

– Hell Spawn