After Hourz 12/14/17


Hell Spawn

Show Playlist

10 PM

If These Trees Could Talk – Solstice

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan

Alcest – Autre Temps


Oh Hiroshima – Drones 

Eldamar – New Beginning

Sojourner – The Pale Host


Windhand – Sparrow

Agalloch – The Isle Of Summer

Baroness – Cocainium


Frowning – Funeral March


11 PM

Obituary – Cause of Death [request]

Mangoo – Deification

Cradle Of Filth – You Will Know The Lion By His Claw

Amon Amarth – Cry of the Black Birds [request]

Obscure Burial – Dweller In The Abyss

Darkthrone – En Vind Av Sorg [request]

Midnight – Crushed By Demons

Iced Earth – Ten Thousand Strong

Hamka – World War III

Lucifer’s Hammer – Valley Of The Shadow Of Death


12 AM

Evilfeast – The Second Baptism… Shores in Fire and Ice

Evilfeast – Winter Descent’s Eve… I Become the Journey

Evilfeast – Lunar Rites… Beholding the Towers of Barad-Dur

Evilfeast – From the Northern Wallachian Forest… Tyranny Returns

Evilfeast – Archaic Magic… A Cenotaph Below the Cursed Moon

Evilfeast – Inclinata Resurgit… Rebirth of My Noble Dark Kingdom


1 AM

Some polymorphic, opaque, and hermetic black metal…whatever the hell that means

DSKNT – phPSR Entropy

Nupraptor – Wasting Away

Neocaesar – Sworn To Hate

Beastiality  – Witchblood

Long song of the week is:

Saor – Aura



Cradle Of Filth announces spring 2018 tour coming to St. Andrews Hall

Iced Earth announces spring 2018 tour coming to St. Andrews Hall


New Albums this Week

  • Mangoo – The Heat 
  • Midnight – Sweet Death & Ecstasy
  • Hamka – Multiversal
  • Lucifer’s Hammer – Victory is Mine
  • Evilfeast – Elegies of the Stellar Wind



Hell Spawn here once more listeners. End of year lists are being compiled here at Thee Hourz this week. We’re hard at work thinking about what metal made as bang (or scratch) our heads the most this year. Terrorsquid has been especially prolific in his consumption of massive amounts of music so look forward to a large list of recommendations from him. Blog posts in the near future detailing the top albums from Bacchus, Spaceman, Terrorsquid, and myself. Thanks for tuning in out there.

Hell Spawn