Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel


Hell Spawn

Hell Spawn here,

Last week Spaceman and I had the opportunity to interview Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel. Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, we didn’t get a recording of the interview, so thusly no transcript either. However, I’ll provide a summation of some of the most interesting answers he gave so you guys can see the inner workings of Steve Tucker’s mind. One of the questions I posed to Steve was “are there any particular influences on this new record for you, music-wise.” He then launched into a long-form anecdote about a specific childhood experience in which his parents took him to see an orchestra perform The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Strong emotions were instilled. This experience affected him so deeply that he said his music is always an attempt to foster in listeners the same sort of emotional impact that Vivaldi had, along with a dose of the sinister literary stylings of Steven King, apparently. We also spoke at length about how the new Morbid Angel record, Kingdoms Disdained, stacks up against the others Steve’s performed on. He says “I’m proud of all the Morbid albums I’ve been a part of, and this one is no different.” Steve was also adamant that even Heretic (an album derided by many Morbid Angel fans), has great songwriting. He believes that when he works with Trey Azagthoth, great, creative songs are always written, but the difference this time around was that the production was there as well. Steve’s very pleased with the fact that his bass can be heard on this record, to say the least. The last point I asked Steve about was a question wondering where the more political air of Kingdoms Disdained arose from. He believes this album isn’t necessarily political, more so an indictment of modern society’s tendency to turn human against human. To Morbid Angel, the world is reaching a point that happens every few hundred years, where the destruction and devastation wreaked by humanity on the Earth, and on fellow men, results in a reckoning for the whole of breadth of life on this planet. And therein, lies Kingdoms Disdained.