We Fight | Dashboard Confessional


Grace McKelvey

Dashboard Confessional is back at it again with another emo, indie-rock anthem to sing and shout along to. “We Fight” is the first single off of Dashboard’s first album in over 8 years, Crooked Shadows. The simple yet potent chorus makes you think a little while yelling out the chorus.

Dashboard argues that rock is not dead, contrary to popular belief. Rock fought its way into the people’s hearts beginning all the way back in the 50’s and will not be leaving without a fight. Passionate artists like Dashboard’s lead singer, Chris Carrabba, fight to defend the importance of rock music in popular culture., as well as illustrate the people it affects. l. After playing “We Fight” on tour this summer, Carrabba told SPIN magazine that he discovered a newfound meaning to the song. He stated:

“When I wrote “We Fight” I thought it was just about the music scene that I came up in—a place where people who’d never quite fit in anywhere felt they actually belonged. When we began playing the song live on our summer tour, I realized that “We Fight” held a much broader meaning. It’s a song for people who, in spite of their differences, can find common ground in their convictions and foster those into something bigger than themselves. That, to me is something worth fighting for.”

Crooked Shadows debuts February 9, 2018. In addition, Dashboard Confessional has announced a new tour in the U.S. for 2018.