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Thee Hourz O’ Power 11/23/17


10 PM

Reverend Bizarre – Goddess Of Doom

Black Sabbath – Children Of The Grave

Witchfinder General – Quietus

Pentagram – All Your Sins

Saint Vitus – Dying Inside

Trouble – Psalm 9

Candlemass – Samarithan

Cirith Ungol – Frost and Fire

The Obsessed – Tombstone Highway

11 PM

Cathedral – A Funeral Request

Sleep – Dragonaut

Solitude Aeturnus – Haunting The Obscure

Unorthodox – Peacemaker

My Dying Bride – Turn Loose The Swans

Pagan Altar – Reincarnation

Church Of Misery – Brother Bishop

Warning – Faces

12 AM

Electric Wizard – See You In Hell

Electric Wizard – Necromania

Electric Wizard – Hear The Sirens Scream

Electric Wizard – The Reaper

Electric Wizard – Wicked Caresses

Electric Wizard – Mourning Of The Magicians

While Heaven Wept – Vessel

Dawn Of Winter – Throne Of Isolation

1 AM

Funeral – From These Wounds

Swallow The Sun – Swallow (Horror Part 1)

Pallbearer – Foreigner

Windhand – Orchard

Elder – Hexe

Spiritus Mortis – Robe Of Ectoplasm

Ahab – Yet Another Raft Of The Medusa (Pollard’s Weakness)

Mournful Congregation – The Book Of Kings


Thee After Hourz O’ Power


Happy Doomsgiving!

Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like 4 hours of doom metal.  The most unfortunate part about the holidays is the unshakable stench of Christmas music permeating the airwaves everywhere you go. It follows you like MSU relentlessly pursues you for donations the moment you stop paying tuition and there’s no avoiding it. The worst part is that everybody is in on it, like some sort of globalist conspiracy. Everytime I find myself in a pathetic husk of a place that loops Christmas music I immediately have the urge to wash it away that stain with some cold, depressing metal. This feeling is also analogous to when you’re at a frat party and all you hear is bro-music, but at least you know what you’re getting yourself into by going to a frat party. Doom was the medicine I needed tonight after the reminder that the holidays are upon us.

For the doom connoisseurs, I hope our playlist did the genre some justice. For those who are new to doom, I hope this playlist helped you discover a newfound love for doom. I didn’t appreciate doom until about 2 years ago. I listened to Electric Wizard from time to time but it wasn’t anything serious. It just felt too damn slow  and boring and I couldn’t stand to listen to it for more than 30 minutes, or like 2 doom songs. It wasn’t until I went through this foray into doom metal that I started to love it. It’s weird because I didn’t do anything different, so I guess it’s true your tastes mellow out over time. Rattleheading Spaceman of middle school had no shot of appreciating doom. Plus I discovered it to be the perfect study companion. I couldn’t survive on the fumes from thrash metal or the emptiness of black metal alone. Doom metal’s a grower, and you really do just have to let it grow on you.

Speaking of Electric Wizard…

Wizard Bloody Wizard Rules

I don’t care what the haters say, I enjoyed Wizard Bloody Wizard. Is it a bit re-hashy? Yes. But there’s a lot to enjoy about it and damn are some of those riffs catchy.

Hourz Enters 2012

We finally made a twitter; follow us @theehourzopower

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for tuning in and sharing thanks for all things doom metal tonight. We’ll be back with the regular program next week. See you next week



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