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April 22, 2024
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Thee Hourz O’ Power 11/9/17


10 PM

Voivod – Voivod

Vhaldemar – Against All Kings

Agent Steel – Avenger

Holy Grail – Immortal Man

Exhumed – Lifeless

Arkaik – Occultivation

Carcass – No Love Lost

Children Of Bodom – Kissing The Shadows

Inconcessus Lux Lucis – Amour Rides Upon Midnight

Dark Fortress – Ylem

Amon Amarth – Once Sent From The Golden Hall

Infaust – Tobsucht

11 PM

Scour – Red

Kawir – Tantalus

Cannibal Corpse – Only One Will Die

Vektor – Ultimate Artificer

Testament – First Strike Is Deadly

Dark Angel – Leave Scars

Running Wild – Blood Moon Rising

Emperor – Cosmic Keys To My Creation & Times

Power Trip – Crossbreaker

Tomb Mold – Clockwise Metamorphosis

12 AM

Stalker – Total Annihilation

Blaze Of Perdition – A Glimpse Of God

Blaze Of Perdition – Ashes Remain

Blaze Of Perdition – Weight Of The Shadow

Blaze Of Perdition – Detachment Brings Serenity

Beastmaker – Now Howls the Beast

Below – Disappearing Into Nothing

1 AM

Morne – I Will See You

Hornwood Fell – The Returned

Devlsy – Hatching Tomb

Windir – Journey To The End

A Pale December – A Lost Lineage

Top 10 Adds:

  • Blaze Of Perdition – Conscious Darkness
  • Vhaldemar – Against All Kings
  • A Pale December – The Shrine Of Primal Fire
  • Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black
  • Devlsy – Private Suite
  • Stalker – Shadow Of The Sword
  • Kawir – Exilamos
  • Scour – Red
  • Infaust – Verblichen
  • Inconcessus Lux Lucis – The Crowning Quietus


Thee After Hourz O’ Power

I’m reformatting how I’m doing After Hourz so I can look like a pretentious Medium blogger. Enjoy!


VOIVOOOOOD’s recording a new album

Legendary French-Canadian goofballs Voivod are recording a new studio album slated to release next year. I for one am excited, especially now that 80’s thrash bands have proven they can actually make good music again. I am of course alluding to that dark time before 2010 when classic thrash bands followed a trend of releasing confused mixes of “getting back to their roots” while “evolving towards a more modern sound”. A further convolution to this situation was that the “modern thrash” aka neothrash at the time were mainly glorified homages to Pantera, Exodus and 90’s Slayer. So you’ve got the old dudes who were around during Exodus mimicking the newer dudes who were trying to revive the sound of the old dudes who were around during Exodus and not add anything new. Yeah, it makes no sense, and neither does the appeal of groove-inspired Exodus-alike thrash. I was convinced at the time that thrash was dead.

Thankfully, the thrash scene is seeing better days. Thrash started to undergo a real revival — and not just reanimating the corpse of the 80’s — in the early part of this decade when Overkill released Ironbound and Voivod released Target Earth.  Those albums not only deserve to be in the same conversation as their respective band’s best work, you can make the case that they top them. There was hope! Thrash was still alive and the old guard were carrying the flag with a renewed resolve. Voivod in particular never fell into that trap I described, constantly experimenting and tweaking their sound throughout the years. Those experiments culminated into a modern thrash masterpiece that is Target Earth, which I narrowly rank behind Killing Technology among Voivod’s best work. Voivod is thrash metal’s ugly dog: unaesthetic on the surface but adorable on the inside. Voivod’s every bit as fun, technical, and aggressive as any thrash band, but it’s sonic oddities can be a put-off. Getting someone into Voivod is like getting someone to try sushi for the first time: either they’ll love you for exposing them to a new dimension or they’ll think you’re weird and won’t trust you for recommendations again. In that same vein, if your friend doesn’t like sushi or Voivod you should get a new friend.

A wonderful dark corner on the internet

Backstage we educated one of our freshmen by reading her some articles from  That’s Not Metal out loud. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the dark depths of metal culture on the internet. I can’t repeat what’s being said on there, so I’ll just urge you to check it out. Their articles are a mastery of trolling written in artistic prose. I recommend going on the A7X diet.

That’s all for now. See ya next Thursday



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