Pity Party 11.8.17


Sarah Dropsey

Tonight we payed homage to The (late) Basement, our local music specialty show that used to air every Thursday evening, by playing some favorite local artists for the first half of the show. The 9 o’clock hour brought new music from Turnstile, Pinegrove, Mo Troper, and Angel Olsen in addition to A LOT of requests!

[su_spoiler title=”Click for playlist: 8 p.m – 9 p.m”]

Matthew – Shortly

Dragged to Hell – Greet Death

No Backyard – Mover Shaker

Dary – Hot Mulligan

Garden Dreams – Narco Debut

Synthesizers (Killed the Rock ‘n’ Roll Star) – The Fever Haze

The Black Horse of Night – Secret Grief

Dentistry – Swordfish

Worse Days – Little American Champ

Defined – Small Parks

Bad Motivator – The Tiny Ugly Germs

To the Lake – Blind Merle & His Traveling Band

Up North – Convenient, Trash.

Burned by You – Backpacks

Extraordinary Dinner Party – La Dispute


[su_spoiler title=”Click for playlist: 9 p.m – 10 p.m”]

Losses Over – Cloakroom

Bed – Cende

Pregame – Active Bird Community

In San Francisco – Told Slant

reindeer games – Oso Oso

Intrepid – Pinegrove

Blacking Out the Friction – Death Cab for Cutie

Sans – Angel Olsen

Waiting Room – Fugazi

The Medic – Foxing

The Gold – Manchester Orchestra

Real Thing – Turnstile

Negro Y Azul – Harmony Woods

Lost (Season One) – Camp Cope

Sowing Season – Brand New

Your Brand – Mo Troper

Phoenix – Slaughter Beach, Dog