Spooky songs to celebrate Halloween


Impact Content Team

Written by Autumn Miller

Halloween. It’s the holiday commemorated by donning scary — or not-so scary — costumes and watching old reruns of Twilight Zone covered in candy wrappers. More than anything though, Halloween is a mindset. It’s creepy, it’s spooky, and more than anything, it holds the most underrated music.

Here at the Impact, we love the sinister and the scary, along with a playlist to match. Crafting a playlist meant for the most orange and black (like our souls) day of the year seemed only fitting, filled with eerie scores and classically ironic jams that you still bop to anyways — we’re looking at you Ghostbusters. Go put on a sheet with some eye holes, force feed yourself some candy corn, and blast our playlist as you prepare for a night out with your local ghosts and ghouls.