Talk a Lot | SALES


Tommy Stefani

There’s a lot of bands in today’s music marketplace who are producing fuzzy, feel good pop tunes, but SALES, the Florida-based duo consisting of Lauren Morgan (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Shih (drums), use of tight, delicate melodies behind Morgan’s smooth, yet striking, vocals are what make the group stand out among the rest. The duo first caught the attention of critics and fans back in 2014 with their first self-titled EP (The Hype Machine included the band on their “Ones to Watch” list that year), and they’ve continued to uphold that standard of excellence, with their self-titled LP, since then. The band’s latest single, “Talk a Lot,” is yet another example of their ability to create beautifully simplistic songs that will have you gently bobbing along to the beat instantly.

Morgan’s voice shines throughout “Talk a Lot,” effectively melting in your ears like ice cream on a hot day, all while Shih provides just enough rhythm to give this track a pulse and keep it moving forward.  Much like the rest of the duo’s catalog, “Talk a Lot” doesn’t try to be fancy or virtuosic in its instrumentation, opting for inherent minimalism and intense lyrical introspection instead. When coupled with Morgan’s smooth vocals, this track becomes the perfect tune for those somber, rainy days.

Whether you’re sitting there with a good book watching rain pour down your window pane, or you’re looking for the perfect track to turn on before turning in for the night, “Talk a Lot” should be your number one choice. SALES’ combination of soft indie-rock and catchy pop fits the bill for any relaxing night ahead.

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