Happy Hour | Weezer


Grace McKelvey

After releasing their breakout summer hit “Feels Like Summer” last spring, Weezer keeps the momentum going with the release of “Happy Hour” off their latest album Pacific Daydream, just released today. Weezer continues to stray away from their guitar-heavy, rock sounds of Blue Album with “Happy Hour” as it sticks to the same radio-friendly, synthesized pop format as “Feels Like Summer.” The track also features a similar anthemic chorus, which makes singing along just as easy.

“Happy Hour” tells the classic  tale of solving your problems the exact way the youth of America have been advised to stray away from — taking the edge off with a little booze. Being in the midst of midterms or having just survived a near death experience, we can sympathize and use a little something ourselves.  Whether it’s at your local Applebee’s or [insert your expensive bar of choice here], “Happy Hour” — both the song and the time — allows you to escape the real world and drown your sorrows down the hatch. You may not meet the laid back girl of your dreams and dance the night away as the song romanticizes, but at least your mind will be eased temporarily, that is until this earworm really gets trapped in your head for the day.

If you’re looking for more happy go lucky jams to crank up this weekend, be sure to check out the rest of Weezer’s new album Pacific Daydream below.