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Songs to keep you company while alone at a midnight diner


Written by Greg McClure

Let me set the scene. It’s past midnight as you stroll into a local diner. It could be any diner — maybe it’s your favorite diner, or just the one with the best midnight specials. There’s a menu and a glass of ice water ready for you on a table, and just as you sit down a member of the waitstaff is already there to take your order. You order and s/he leaves, leaving you alone to take in your surroundings when suddenly you hear it: a trumpet flourish.

“Is that Miles Davis?” you ask.

“Why yes it is,” a lone regular says back to you from the counter-top bar.

As the next song begins you think out loud, “Tom Waits?” The regular again mutters a yes before taking a sip of his coffee. This diner sure does have a great selection of music.

Finally your food is served. You eat quick, but still slow enough to enjoy the tastes and sounds pouring into your stimuli. On the way out, as you leave a tip on the table, you catch yourself humming along, wanting to stay simply for the music. With our midnight diner playlist, now you can take those tunes and your favorite feeling on-the-go.

Whether it’s smooth jazz, a golden oldie, or something completely unexpected, this playlist will transport you back to that diner. We invite you to sit back, order up a cup of joe, and enjoy the likes Joy Division, Jon Bellion, Bleachers and so much more with our midnight diner playlist.

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