Songs to boost your ego after a big win


Impact Content Team

Written By Stephanie Stapert

In the moments before a game, especially sporting events, players prepare themselves with tunes that empower, uplift and encourage them to get into the mindset of the game, but what music do they listen to after, when they’ve mercilessly beat their opponents and feel like champions?

Everyone loves that feeling of winning, whether it be in sports, in school or just in life. Following two big wins, against the University of Michigan and Minnesota, for the Spartan football team, as well as a few big successes here at the Impact, we want to share with you guys how we’re feeling — like winners — so you could join us. Whether you won the big game, aced an exam, got the job, or just beat your friends in music trivia, we’ve created a playlist for all the big victories in your life.

Sure, most victories create a sense of confidence and cockiness, but now you can let our playlist do the bragging for you. Let artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, Artctic Monkeys and many more changes your winning from a occurrence to an attitude, and prove to everyone else why you’re the best. So turn your speakers up and rock out to music that emulates confidence. You all have the potential to be a winner with this playlist, so go out, be your best self, and show them everything you’ve got.