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Goodbye, MSU | Charlotte Materna
Goodbye, MSU | Charlotte Materna
Charlotte Materna, Co-host of The Flashback • April 17, 2024
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Ain’t Ready | Hoodie Allen


Two weeks ago, Hoodie Allen released his third studio album, The Hype. Following his second studio project, Happy Camper, Allen seems to have kept himself busy, cranking out 12 new songs in the year and a half since. The song “Ain’t’ Ready” debuted a week before the album was release and it is the seventh song on the album. “Ain’t Ready” leans more toward pop than hip hop, effectively propelling Allen toward a the more pop- rap style than before.

Allen sings “Ain’t Ready” with confidence as the lyrics boldly and honestly reflect upon the feelings of a breakup. With national boyfriend day being celebrated last week (Oct. 3) and the seasons changing, relationships are all the buzz, but Allen puts a spin on the typical breakup song by encouraging single people to stay single and not mess with relationships.

[su_quote]I meant what I say when I said goodbye / Woah I ain’t ready for love[/su_quote]

“Ain’t Ready” encourages people to be confident about their life choices and embrace their experiences. Love doesn’t always work out, “not every story ends happily,” yet you can be the “American dream.” The track motivates anyone single and unsure to go against society’s values of always having or wanting a relationship. Not wanting or being ready for love can be a healthy thing; it allows for reflection on one’s own personality and life.

As you go into the weekend, have some fun and don’t worry about your ex, the cute couple on social media, or the cute boy or girl who sits next to you in class. Be adventurous, be yourself and for a moment stop caring about others think, because it’s what you think about yourself that truly matters.

If you like “Ain’t Ready,” be sure to check out the full album, conveniently linked for you below.


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