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Thee Hourz O’ Power 10/12/17


10 PM

Venom – In League With Satan

Judas Priest – The Sentinel

Hellhammer – Messiah [request]

Midnight – Evil Like A Knife [request]

Dio – Shame On The Night

Anthrax – Caught In A Mosh [request]

Bolido – The Absolute Dominion Of The Skies

Sepultura – Troops Of Doom [request]

Elder – Blind

Spirit Adrift – Curse Of Conception

11 PM

Manilla Road – Crystal Logic

Sauron – Absolute Hell

Necromante – Occult Cult

D.R.I – No Religion

Sodom – Sepulchral Voice [request]

Candlemass – Bewitched  [request]

Shrapnel – Hollow Earth

Origin – Invariance Under Transformation

Archspire – Relentless Mutation

Cadaveric Incubator – Cadaveric Incubator

Hades Archer – Temple of the Impure

Exhumed – Lifeless

12 AM

The Black Dahlia Murder – Widowmaker

The Black Dahlia Murder – Of God And Serpent, Of Sceptre And Snake

The Black Dahlia Murder – Matriarch

The Black Dahlia Murder – Jars

The Black Dahlia Murder – King Of The Nightworld

The Black Dahlia Murder – Catacomb Hecatomb

The Black Dahlia Murder – As Good As Dead

Gamma Ray – Avalon

Kamelot – The Shadow Of Uther

Kiuas – Warrior Soul

Destroyer 666 – Wildfire

Coroner – Devine Step

Gorgoroth – Revelation of Doom

1 AM

Wolves In The Throne Room – Born From The Serpent’s Eye

40 Watt Sun – Carry Me Home

Dissection – Thorns of Crimson Death

Antarktis – Aurora

Agalloch – Faustian Echoes

Thee After Hourz O’ Power

  • We received lots of requests tonight! Of our first 8 songs, the four were requests. Thank you for calling in and throwing a wrench into our playlist plans. No really, it keeps the show fresh and the team honest. We love engaging with you guys and hope to keep hearing from you all.
    The funny thing is, there could have been more requests. And in fact, I will shamefully admit that I had never heard of some of the bands thrown around like Hellbringer and Repulsion even though I should. Thrash/speed metal and early grindcore? Yes please. On the bright side, I discovered some new bands to listen to. Thanks guys.
  • If you haven’t already, check out our behemoth of a playlist of metal essentials and personal favorites. It’s got a great mix of metal across all genres, whether you wanna GSD or look at memes at work. Feel free to let us know how much our playlist sucks and what we’re missing.
  • Destroyer 666 recently announced that they quit right in the middle of the current European tour. It definitely sucks for those who are missing out on seeing these guys live, but I admire D666 for sticking to their principles and having a spine. D666 is notoriously outspoken, and had some choice words to say about people who have their phones out during shows. Any band which has as much hate as I do towards having phones out during concerts is a band worth admiring.

Thanks for listening, reading, and calling in. I hope to make it to some shows but if not, see ya next Thursday.


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