Bonzai | Action Bronson


Anthony Vacante

“It’s been a minute but your boy back with it” raps Action Bronson on “Bonzai,” track five off his newest offering Blue Chips 7000. Despite an absence from the music world, those who’ve been following Bronson intently would know he’s been anything but away from the spotlight. Between starring in multiple Viceland television shows, designing sportswear collections for Starter and authoring a best-selling cookbook, hip-hop’s multi-talented man has certainly made the most of his time in the interim. Blue Chips 7000 represents not only Bronson’s return to music, but a reminder that his conquest entails so much more.

“Bonzai” is an obvious standout from the project. The track most accurately captures the development of the New York native’s boom-bap style that dominated much of his early work. It features Bronson floating his trademark laid-back cadence over some smooth, acoustic-heavy Harry Fraud production. As usual, the lyrics are as outrageous as they are tweet-worthy, featuring references to everyone from Kevin Bacon to Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin.

Action Bronson will be bringing music, food and mayhem to a city near you in the form of the Blue Chips 7000 tour, starting October 5th. Tickets are available now. You can also purchase his critically acclaimed cookbook, “F*ck, That’s Delicious” at all major distributors. In the meantime, press play on this funky track and enjoy listening to Bronson’s story in the form of catchy ad-libs and hard-hitting one liners.