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Thee Hourz O Power 9/21/17


10 PM

Motorhead – Deaf Forever

Night Demon – Full Speed Ahead

Pallbearer – Devoid Of Redemption [request]

Iron Maiden – Phantom Of The Opera

Necrophile – Hysteria Sibernia

Sauron – Storm Of Ashes

Deceased – Dark Chilling Heartbeat

Implore – Loath

Obituary – Slowly We Rot

Exodus – And Then There Were None

Dust Bolt – Drowned In Blind Faith

Power Trip – Soul Sacrifice

Cradle Of Filth – You Will Know The Lion By His Claw

11 PM

Dissection – Retribution – Storm Of The Light’s Bane

Death – Symbolic

Behemoth – The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor

Cannabis Corpse – The 420th Crusade

Napalm Death – The Chains That Bind Us

Canker – Earthquake

Slough Feg – Asteroid Belts

Celesty – Fading Away

Krossfyre – Tabellae Defixionum

Primal Fear – If Looks Could Kill

12 AM

Evil Invaders – Mental Penitentiary

Evil Invaders – As Life Slowly Fades

Evil Invaders – Suspended Reanimation

Evil Invaders – Broken Dreams In Isolation

Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence

Evil Invaders – Oblivion

Evil Invaders – Shades of Solitude

Evil Invaders – Anger Within

Evil Invaders – Among the Depths of Sanity

Oraculum – Exuent

Oraculum – Lex Taliones

Oraculum – Semper Excelsius

Oraculum – Sphinx

1 AM

Electric Wizard – Time To Die

Black Sabbath – N.I.B.

Mournful Congregation – Suicide Choir

Myrkur – Maneblot

Inquisition – Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm

Lascar – Thin Air

Opeth – Black Rose Immortal

Top 10 Adds:


  • Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence
  • Oraculum – Always Higher
  • Cradle Of Filth – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay
  • Lascar – Saudade
  • Krossfyre – Burning Torches
  • Cannabis Corpse – Left Hand Pass
  • Necrophile – Awakening Those Oppressed
  • Implore – Subjugate
  • Canker – Earthquake
  • Myrkur – Mareridt


Thee After Hourz O’ Power

  • Here are the shows next week:
    Deceased, Centenary, Tartarus, Sauron at Mac’s Bar on Sept. 23
    Exodus, Obituary, Power Trip, and Dust Bolt at The Intersection on Sept. 26

    Hope to see some of you at Mac’s this Saturday! I recently got to listening to Tartarus and I enjoyed what I heard. Their brand of mystical blackened death was a pleasure to hear and I urge you to check them out in Bandcamp if that suits your interest.
    And I hope those of you who don’t have disgusting commitments on Tuesday nights like Advanced Lab can make it out to that stacked Exodus show.
  • Hourz is happy to announce that we found a potential successor to the show! I can’t reveal too much other than that we’re excited and that they’re freshman. That means that if they stick around, the show will go on for a few more years and that we can coerce them into only liking the metal we like groom them to take over the show. That also means I don’t have to eagerly harass every band-shirt wearing dude I see (though we’re still happy to have more people on board).
  • We rarely do double features, but the new Evil Invaders and Oraculum were too good not to play in its entire glory. Both couldn’t be much more different than each other, but I enjoyed them in different ways.
    • Listening to so much aggressive, extreme metal can make one forget that fun upbeat metal exists. I’ve certainly gone through those ruts, and Feed Me Violence was a breath of fresh air among the glut of anger and aggression I listen to each week. They remind me a lot of Enforcer, a band which I had a very intense phase of back in sophomore year of high school.
    • Speaking of anger and aggression, there’s Always Higher by Oraculum from Chile. Dagon from Inquisition remarked in our latest interview that the South American scene always seemed to be 10 years ahead of the American scene, and this album sounds so far ahead of most modern American death metal bands. Tech-death seems to be the biggest trend among American death metal bands these days, and while I do love the instrumental indulgence, most of them fall into the trap of getting lost among the notes and forgetting to put the soul behind their music. I have never listened to a South American band that didn’t mean what they said; their angst always seemed genuine and it reflects on their songs. Always Higher brought a balance of that angst while also writing balanced songs that paid worship to the death n’ roll sound of Bolt Thrower, but not too much as to sound like a shameless clone. I love discovering bands like Oraculum and I recommend them to anyone who has as much of a love affair with South American metal as I do.

That’s all I have to say to you metal friends. Thank you for listening and reading. See u next Thursday


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