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Goodbye, MSU | Charlotte Materna
Goodbye, MSU | Charlotte Materna
Charlotte Materna, Co-host of The Flashback • April 17, 2024
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Thee Hourz O’ Power 9/14/17


10 PM

Judas Priest – Painkiller

Evil Invaders – Mental Penitentiary

Iced Earth – The Culling

Metallica – Ride The Lightning

Ghost Bath – Ascension

Decapitated – Babylon’s Pride

Archspire – Human Murmuration

Warbringer – Hunter-Seeker

Dark Tranquillity – The Endless Feed

Symphony X – Eve Of Seduction

Maticrust – Confusion Aborted

11 PM

Hatemail – Servants of the Beast

Paganfire – The Executioner is Back

Oraculum – Lex Talionis

Deceased – The Hanging Soldier

Sauron – Thrash Assault

Krossfyre – Fire Solution

Sheidim – A Dying Sun

Belphegor – Baphomet

Verge – Aesthetic I – The Piety In Hatred

Dust Bolt – Worlds Built To Deceive

Exodus – Exodus

Obituary – Chopped In Half

12 AM

Tales Of Gaia – Wings Of Fire

Ensiferum – Ajattomasta Unesta

Ensiferum – For Those About To Fight For Metal

Ensiferum – Way Of The Warrior

Ensiferum – Two Paths

Ensiferum – King Of Storms

Ensiferum – Feast With Valkyries

Ensiferum – Don’t You Say

Ensiferum – I Will Never Kneel

Ensiferum – God Is Dead

Ensiferum – Hail To The Victor

Ensiferum – Unettomaan Aikaan


Nile – User Maat Re

1 AM

Purtenance – Vicious Seeds Of Mortality

Black metal

Caladan Brood – Echoes Of Battle

Mascharat – Bauta

Lascar – Uneven Alignment

Usnea – Eidolons And The Increate

Vektor – Recharging The Void

Top 10 Adds:

  • Ensiferum – Two Paths
  • Oraculum – Always Higher
  • Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence
  • Belphegor – Totenritual
  • Lascar – Saudade
  • Krossfyre – Burning Torches
  • Usnea – Portals Into Futility
  • Mascharat – Mascharat
  • Verge – The Process Of Self-Becoming
  • Sheidim – Infamata

Thee After Hourz O’ Power

  • As always, here are the list of shows for the next few weeks:
  • As expected, the Metal Alliance show was excellent. We sat down with Arron from Black Fast and chatted about where he believes the band is at in terms of popularity. I hope they can grow their cult following; they’re due for a breakout like Vektor was back in 2009. If the turnout for their set was any indication, then they have a lot to be excited about. We’ll be airing their interview sometime down the line, so keep your ears out.
    Havok’s set was as angry and energetic as I expected. We chatted with David Sanchez after the show and I was taken aback by how chill and nice he was considering he was just getting pissed about the government and such a couple hours ago. He also noticed that me and my girlfriend were singing along to most of the Overkill songs in the front row. Speaking of which…
    Overkill were their fun, mischievous live selves. I sang along to I Hate and for I swear Bobby Blitz was looking at me for a chorus. It was a spiritual experience.
  • The very next day, I booked it right after class to catch an interview with Dagon from Inquisition. It was an honor talking to him and see the man behind the corpse paint. All I want to reveal right now is that he had a lot to say, and I got him to share his insights over a controversial topic in black metal these days. Stay tuned…
    As for the show, from what I saw from Volahn, Uada, and Inquisition, they all killed it. Uada earned quite a few converts judging from the line at the merch booth, as they should. It was my first time at Corktown Tavern and it was amusing to see the bands work around such a cramped venue. Dive bars are not the most comfortable venue to see the show, but what The Corktown Tavern lacked in comfort it more than made up for in character. The small-venue experience is something to be cherished – it’s like watching your favorite team play in your backyard with just you and a few friends and the neighbors watching.
  • Hourz took a turn towards the southeast today. Shoutout to my cousin Daniel for sharing the show among the Filipino scene. Maticrust, Paganfire, and Hatemail represented the Filipino scene well and there’s more talent out there waiting to be discovered for those willing to dig underground. It’s a growing scene down in Southeast Asia and I wouldn’t be surprised if it explodes within the next decade. One of the best things about metal is how international it is, and having a metal radio show in East Lansing MI reach out to and play bands from the Philippines and around the world each week is a great example of that.

Thank you for listening, reading, and once again welcome to our new Filipino listeners. We hope you keep listening to our show and showing off some of your talent. See you next Thursday.


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