tonite | LCD Soundsystem


Andrew Younker

The long-awaited return of indie-rock’s dance ambassadors has finally reached Earth. American dream is the band’s fourth full-length album, fronted by middle-aged rockstar James Murphy. The album features everything returning fans could ever hope for in a new LCD Soundsystem album- the condescending lyrics about self-worth and life’s unending drivel, the pulsating drum machines with warbling analog synths intermittently interrupting the mold, and James Murphy’s unmistakable sardonic yelps and coos. American dream is a little more ‘movie soundtrack 80s’ than the band’s usual retro outfit, giving it a nice groove of authenticity beyond the music itself. Standout tracks include “call the cops,” “american dream,” “how do you sleep?,” and “tonite.”

“Tonite” may qualify as the most LCD Soundsystem song since “Losing My Edge.” “Everybody’s singing the same song, it goes tonite tonite tonite…,” Murphy calls out. The Roland Juno bass sound is straight out of a 1980s chart-topper, and the grooves perpetual motion give the song a chugging motion conducive to head-bobbing and pencil-tapping. Lacking melodic direction, the chords thrown down around the minute-and-a-half mark make sense of the jumbled track, giving way to the classic ‘happy sounding, sad lyrics’ formula that LCD has all but trademarked. And no, they didn’t forget the slow build to a chorus backed vocal line. That’s definitely in there. Near the end. Check out LCD Soundsystem’s return album and track “tonite” if you need some perfect speed-walking music for your trip to class.