Pity Party | 8.30.17


Sarah Dropsey

Tonight we spun new music from The Wonder Years, Radiator Hospital, and Alvvays <3 Be sure to tune in next week for 2 more hours of emo/punk/DIY!

[su_spoiler title=”Click for playlist: 8 p.m – 9 p.m”]

Nailbiter – Looming

The Employment Pages – Death Cab for Cutie

There, There – The Wonder Years

Strangers on the Train – Somos

Dance Number – Radiator Hospital

Clip Your Own Wings – Old Gray

Alpha Kappa Fall of Troy the Movie Part Deux – Modern Baseball

Old Souls – Prawn

Low – Mover Shaker

Minorwye – You Blew It!

Tixis – Ratboys

Don’t Die in Yr Hometown – Antarctigo Vespucci

The Clearing – Weatherbox

Smoke Screen – Pity Sex

Abe LinkedIn – Dryjacket

Grudge – Slingshot Dakota

Radical – It Looks Sad.

Hail Mary – P.s. Eliot


[su_spoiler title=”Click for playlist: 9 p.m – 10 p.m”]

Harvest – Runaway Brother

Chinatown – Girlpool

Your Best American Girl – Mitski

Amateur Night – Tiny Moving Part

Plimsoll Punks – Alvvays

Stump town Summer Heartthrob – Walter Etc.

The Coast – PUP

Green Nail Polish – Told Slant

High Waisted Shorts – Sledding With Tigers

The Calendar Hung Itself… – Bright Eyes

The Only DJ (Making Me Fall in Love) – The Fever Haze

Waitress – Hop Along

shoes (the sneaker song) – Oso Oso

Brite Boy – Alex G

Stay Awake – Lydia

Cardboard – Diet Cig

Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams – Camp Cope