The Undercurrent-8/5/17-S6E11-Midwestern Boredom


Cole Tunninely and Sami Luke

Midwestern Boredom

This week on the Undercurrent, host Cole Tunningley brings you stories about midwestern boredom, the feeling of aimlessly driving down the road with nowhere to go except maybe a McDonald’s or a run-down gas station.

First, we share two old stories from Exposure, the program that preceded the Undercurrent. One critique and explores accessibility in MSU’s Spartan Stadium. The other looks into the online game, League of Legends, which has more fans, globally, than baseball.

Lastly, reporter Sami Luke dives into the world of legal highs. Not all drugs are sold by dealers or in special shops. Some sit on grocery market shelves, blissfully unaware of their own power. Through anonymous interviews, we illuminate the dark side of products like whipped cream and cough syrup.