Season High | Avey Tare


Andrew Younker

Avey Tare, founding member of Animal Collective and formally known as David Portner, like any other bubbling musician, has a couple solo projects under his belt at this point in his career. It seems like the creative force that Animal Collective puts out isn’t enough to curb Tare’s, and the rest of the member’s, insatiable need to create; each member produces their own solo music besides Geologist (Brian Weitz). Despite being considered solo, Tare has still shared the spotlight and lead vocals with Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) on these past projects, however on Tare’s new album, Eucalyptus, he showcases some of his best, truly solo, vocal melodies and performances to date.

The album is predominantly acoustic, featuring field samples and plucky synths that extenuate a folk-heavy atmosphere. “Season High,” the album’s opening track borrows elements from Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs, among other albums, with its lackadaisical and exhausted guitar strums interrupted by sharp vocal harmonies. Organic instrumentation has always been Tare’s strong suit, but “Season High” takes the idea leaps and bounds further, like if you were transported to a Mars with sunflower fields. Following his output as Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks in 2014, the new album is sparse, delicate, and more nuanced. It’s easy to forget that the song almost hits the six minute mark. For as simple as it is, the song makes you feel like you’re floating away atop an endless melody.