Songs to Listen to with Late-Night TV on Mute


Impact Content Team

Written by Autumn Miller

A worn-in couch, a fuzzy screen, a bowl of popcorn spilling out all around you, a remote stuck somewhere in between two crummy cushions. A scene like this only happens during the hours of midnight and later, where eyes are glazed over from watching too much of your favorite late-night personalities and listening to their same jokes. But this aesthetic is one that fits a certain mood of music, too- one where electronic and harmonious tracks sound better than the voices of Fallon and Conan themselves. Instead of evaluating the scene around you with vague regard at 1:30 a.m. and debating whether or not the place you should be is under the covers, take an extra half hour and search for the remote that’s been MIA, put the show you’re half-watching on mute, and turn up our playlist crafted for only the most devoted nighttime talk show junkies.