Songs too Funny to Take Seriously


Impact Content Team

Written by Jonathan Shead

The old adage, “all music is considered sound, but not all sound is considered music” is an argument all too familiar to serious music followers, and although the distinction may never be completely clear, it’s an important distinction to have nonetheless. But what about parody songs or any other music made for a comedic advantage; should it have the privilege to be considered music too? It’s obvious these songs, like the ones featured below, contain catchy instrumentation alongside coherent lyricism, making it by definition “music.” However, that brings us to our next question, whether music has to be serious in order to actually be considered as such. Does music need to tell a story, or have a deeper meaning? Or is a culmination of beats, sounds and singing enough to categorize it with the rest?

The truth is… there really isn’t a definitive answer to this ambiguous debate. We’re of the opinion that music is music, despite the severity of serious thought put into it. With that said however, we certainly agree not every song should and will be taken seriously. Heck, a little musical comedy every now and then can actually be good for the soul. So, whether you prefer being trapped in the closet with R. Kelly, getting “Rick-rolled” by Rick Astley, or just jamming out the classic comedy duos The Lonely Island and Tenacious D, this playlist has every song necessary to spark a few laughs wherever you go.

In the words of The Joker, “Why so serious?”