The Killer’s Release New Music Video for “The Man”


Autumn Miller

After a seemingly never-ending hiatus, The Killers broke their unwanted streak with the release of their newest single, “The Man,” on June 14th. Pairing electric guitars with groovy 70s melodies, the music video options for the song seemed hopeful. Hearing the fans’ need for a visual accompaniment to the track, the Nevada natives released a video for the track today.

Directed by Tim Mattia—who’s worked with The 1975, Troye Sivan, and others— “The Man” showcases Brandon Flowers under glitzy Las Vegas lights. Performing onstage wearing shimmery suits, winking at women wherever he goes, and pumping iron in the hot desert take up his free time. Exuding machismo with any look he gives, Flowers makes it clear that he’s the one and only “man” who runs the joint. In the end though, he’s left alone with his pride, wondering if he’s worthy of his self-given title after all.

You can watch the video for “The Man” below.