Plastic Soul | Mondo Cozmo


Autumn Miller

Josh Ostrander, a singer-songwriter and producer otherwise known as Mondo Cozmo, is back with yet another sweeping and effortlessly lovely single. Layered with piano, backing vocals of a repetitive “woo” sound, and easy trumpets, the dreamy instrumentals in “Plastic Soul” pair perfectly with its lyrical composition as well.

As if a vision from the past, Ostrander asks himself about his lover, wondering if he’s seen her fighting in World War II or tearing down the Berlin Wall back in 1989. Repeating “Whenever I think of her” each chorus, he’s in a stupor over a woman who he deems to be simply timeless, like history’s most notable events. Awfully sweet without being candy-coated, this song strikes any hopeless romantic who’s in the mood to feel sappy without overkill.

Releasing nine singles over the past year on streaming services, including an acoustic cover of his own song, “Shine” and two Spotify-exclusive tracks, there’s evidently an album at the end of the tunnel. Mondo Cozmo’s sophomore record, Plastic Soul, is set to be released on August 4th through Republic Records. In the meantime, you can check him out at MO POP in Detroit on July 29th at the Grande stage.