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Thee Hourz O’ Power 6/8/17



Helloween – Kings Will Be Kings

Alestorm – Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid

Sodom – Remember The Fallen

Sabaton – Primo Victoria

Manowar – Army of Immortals

Iron Maiden – Aces High [request]

Slayer – Hell Awaits [Request]

White Wizzard – High Speed GTO

Morbid Angel – Blasphemy

Necrot – Empty Hands

Cemetery Urn – Misshappen Affliction


Watain – Stellarvore

Merrimack – Apophatic Weaponry

Svartsyn – Seven Headed Snake

Origin – Finite

Dying Fetus – Fixated On Devastation

The Black Dahlia Murder – I Will Return

Suffocation Interview

Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face [request from Terrance Hobbs]

Deicide – Blaspherereion [request from Terrance Hobbs]

Malevolent Creation – Eve of the Apocalypse[request from Terrance Hobbs]

Destruction – Life Without Sense

12 AM

Suffocation – Clarity Through Deprivation

Suffocation – The Warmth Within The Dark

Suffocation – Your Last Breaths

Suffocation – Return To The Abyss

Suffocation – The Violation

Suffocation – Of The Dark Light

Suffocation – Some Things Should Be Left Alone

Suffocation – Caught Between Two Worlds

Suffocation – Epitaph Of The Credulous

Mercyful Fate – Into The Coven

Venom – Welcome To Hell

Vehementer – The Black Spectumfest

Celtic Frost – Dethroned Emperor

Blaze Of Sorrow – Empito

1 AM

Sad – Unholy Crusade

Opeth – When

Be’lakor – Venator

Total Eclipse – Crystal Sky

1349 – Sculptor of Flesh

Jordablod – En Route To The Unknown

Immortal – Unsilent Storms in the North Abyss

Sunspell – Consumed By Emptiness

Darkthrone – Skald Av Satans Sol [Request]

Megadeth – My Last Words

After Hourz:

  • Nameless Intern is now no longer nameless! He was christened Terrorsquid last Sunday afternoon at lunch with me and Bacchus. It only took months of infighting between me and Bacchus. I’m sure he loves the fact that we named him after an Alestorm song.
  • Suffocation and Revocation killed it at The Crofoot. Revocation’s set was too short; I want to hear more Dave Davidson wankery! The night peaked with Suffocation playing Pierced From Within and Catotonia, two of the most classic death metal songs. This was the death metal atmosphere I love being a part of the show, and Morbid Angel hasn’t even played yet. Surely the night will get crazier once Morbid Angel gets on!
  • Morbid Angel then proceeded to only play songs from albums F-H and some unreleased songs. I honestly never felt more cheated out of a show in my life. Not to say that albums Formulas and Gateways are bad, there is definitely some quality material there, they just aren’t what I came to see Morbid Angel for. If this was any other band and they were a supporting act, the set would be pretty great and my expectations would have been adjusted. Unfortunately the ratio between quality songs played vs. quality of the discography was the worst I’ve heard in a setlist. Morbid Angel’s early material is some of the best death metal ever written and Altars of Madness is one of if not the greatest death metal album of all time. Not playing anything from A-C is incredibly egregious; it’s like Iron Maiden playing a show in which they only play songs from Brave New World, and Morbid Angel not playing Chapel of Ghouls is like Maiden not playing Fear of the Dark. I still enjoy 2000’s era Maiden, but it would be disappointing to not hear the classics. There’s some beef between Trey and Vincent, but get it together guys. I and that drunk dude who shouted “CHAPEL OF GHOULS!” 4 times just want to hear Chapel of Ghouls.
  • I’ll shut up about the Morbid Angel show soon, though I do want to ask whoever was at the show how it was. Was it just me or was the crowd not into Morbid Angel’s set either? When I peaked at the crowd it wasn’t nearly as crazy as Suffocation.
  • Speaking of Suffocation, they always find a way to make quality albums. They haven’t made a bad record yet. You can’t say that for many bands. I apologize if the Suffocation interview sounded soft. I fumbled my way through editing an interview for the first time and it took way longer than I would have. Even though he won’t see this, shoutout to Terrance Hobbs for being a chill dude. Upon first glance, you wouldn’t think he’d be responsible for writing some of the best death metal riffs of all time. Personal goal for next interview: be less of an awkward dude.
  • One of my favorite adds this week came from Vehementer. Blackened thrash is my favorite subgenre and these guys just do it well. They’re reminiscent of Sarcofago, the geniuses behind INRI, the best blackened thrash album of all time (debate me).  It’s a shame Vehementer only released 4 songs else we’d feature the hell out of them. Terrorsquid thought they were barely worth an add, but this was after he blasphemed about not being into Mercyful Fate so what does he know.

That’s all for now. See you next Thursday,


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