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Thee Hourz O’ Power 6/1/17



Blind Guardian – Mirror, Mirror

Ranger – Shock Troops

Skeletonwitch – Baptized In Flames

Pantera – I’m Broken [request]

Slayer – Crypts Of Eternity [request]

Morbid Angel, Suffocation, and Revocation @ The Crofoot on 6/2

Revocation – Altar Of Sacrifice [Slayer cover]

Morbid Angel – Pain Divine

Suffocation – Pierced From Within

Horrid – Blood Painted Walls

Taake – Hordalands Doedskvad Part III

Caladan Brood – To Walk The Ashes Of Dead Empires [request]



Ghost – Cirice [request]

Cradle Of Filth – Heaven Torn Asunder

Slaegt – Remember It’s A Nightmare

Metallica – One

Mortillery – Radiation Sickness

Manticora – Shadows With Tales To Tell

Unleash The Archers – The Coward’s Way

Mayhem – Freezing Moon


12 AM

Alestorm – No Grave But The Sea

Alestorm – Mexico

Alestorm – To The End Of The World

Alestorm – Alestorm

Alestorm – Bar Und Imbiss

Alestorm – Borked With An Anchor [exclusive Hourz version]

Alestorm – Pegleg Potion

Alestorm – Man The Pumps

Alestorm – Rage Of The Pentahook

Alestorm – Treasure Island

Novembers Doom – The Silent Dark


1 AM

Wode – Chaosspell

Tod Huetet Uebel – Na

Stargazer – Merging To The Boundless

Marthyrium – Temple Of Flesh

Lord Belial – Death As Solution [request]

Acherontas – Sopdet Denudata

Forteresse – La ou Nous Allone [request]

Nargaroth – Dawn of Epiphany

Midnight Odyssey – The Night Has Come For Me [request]

After Hourz:

  • This is Bacchus’s last show until he leaves for a math research internship. I’m not sure what math research is about these days – probably about finding shapes with n sides where n is a real, non-negative prime integer that is divisible by 2 and has no known analytic solutions.  Just kidding, it’s all above my puny physicist brain and I wish him a happy 3 months of not having to stay up until 2 AM every Thursday fumble through Norwegian song names on air. With Bacchus leaving to do math, he leaves a lot of exercises to be left for the reader rest of the team. Alas, the show must go on. It’ll be a busy summer, but I’m excited to fly solo.
  • Shout out to the guy who wanted us to play more Slayer. I embrace any excuse to play more Slayer.
  • We’ll be at the Morbid Angel, Suffocation, and Revocation show at the Crofoot tonight (6/2/17). We’ve talked ad nauseum about this the past few weeks. We hope to see some of you out there!
  • Here is the kvlt svrf album we were talking about. It’s pretty gnvrly, man.
  • On Alestorm: As mentioned in the show, I’m not a huge power metal fan. Power metal to me is that buddy of yours that your friend group likes that tries too hard to gain your approval, but you personally can’t stand after 30 minutes of their presence on average. Sometimes you tolerate him for a while, occasionally you enjoy him, but most times you can’t stand him after a few minutes. I can dig deeper on my feelings on power metal – I don’t dislike it as much as we play it up – but that’s for another time. That said I enjoyed this album, and Alestorm, a pirate metal band that writes songs about going to Mexico, very much.
    It’s a paradox that confounded the team and would confound even the world’s greatest physicists. After all, Alestorm is among the worst offenders of making over the top karaoke-metal, a branch of metal that at first glance is contradictory to the essence of why I enjoy metal. But I have my reasons. Power metal bands tend to take themselves too seriously given the nature of their sound. Alestorm takes that trope and turns it on its head, unapologetically creating a mystique so ridiculous that I can’t help but be captivated. I know I’m not supposed to take Alestorm seriously and that allowed me to actually listen to them. As I listened No Grave But The Sea I realized Alestorm legitimately writes nuanced songs with simply, yet catchy melodies. I almost wish I like Alestorm ironically because they make a mockery out of power metal. They’re a fun band that writes good songs; it’s that simple. I never thought I’d write this much about how much I like a power metal band, but there it is. Shout out to Bacchus for making the glorious remixed version – Borked With An Anchor and making a random caller’s week.
  • The 1 AM hour gradually transformed from “we’ll generally play chiller metal around this time” to the atmospheric black metal hour. Not that we mind.

That’s all for now folks. See you next Thursday.


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