Chariot | Beach House


Andrew Younker

Out of nowhere with a brand new single, Beach House continues to produce quality music.

“Chariot” is Beach House’s newest track, and from the first 15 seconds, anyone can tell that they haven’t changed one bit. Not that we want them to. Airy synths are permeated by a simple drum beat that’s just the perfect tempo to sway to. The guitar line fades in, Victoria Legrand croons, and the track spins through a tropical haze that’s dripping in melancholy and longing.

Halfway through the track, Alex Scally switches up his pedalboard and plays a sliding guitar line that hits just the right spot. It sounds almost organ-like in the way it’s produced, adding to the baroque aroma. The end of the song flourishes as usual for a Beach House cut, with Legrand taking it up an octave, and Scally’s playing rising in urgency. “Chariot” is a very run-of-the-mill track for this band, but that should only encourage you to take a listen.

B-Sides and Rarities will be released June 20th through Sub Pop.