Lucky Girl | Fazerdaze


Andrew Younker

The Australian invasion that has emerged in past years isn’t all about psych-rock and jam solos anymore. With Fazerdaze’s lead single, “Lucky Girl,” Amelia Murray uses some of the most interesting production techniques to bring her home-recorded project to life. Single notes on the acoustic guitar are played fast and the drum rhythm is as lackadaisical as it is catchy. Her voice soars in delay as it competes with the lead guitar, the rhythms stacking for a hypnotic effect. For a track with no bass guitar, “Lucky Girl” feels full of spirit and frequency.

The hook starts around a minute into the track, as a distorted guitar adds another layer to the mix and Murray chirps “I know I’m a lucky girl, I’m a lucky lucky girl.” Acoustic guitar turns from single notes to full strums, and the drums stay simple- just a kick and a snare. This song is beautiful in its simplicity. There’s no fat, just a fun two minutes and fifty seconds that feel like a really nice summer day.

Fazerdaze’s debut album, Morningside, is out now.