Impacter’s Choice | Summer Jams


Impact Content Team

Cover image taken by Autumn Miller

Written by Andrew Younker

We’re in the thick of it. Warm weather, sunny days, no class—if you’re lucky—melted ice cream cones and weird trips to the zoo with your extended family. Summer is a time to play your music way too loud with your friends as you goof off in your hometown for three months. The perfect way to complete a breezy summer day is with a playlist of certified, Impact-approved summer hits.

This playlist is carefully curated to make you involuntarily roll your windows down and worry your friends with your pathetic attempts at dance-driving. We hope it helps you find artists, new and old, that become the soundtrack to your summer this year. I mean, if these songs don’t make you want to bust out your custom cut jean shorts and mesh romper for all the hot weather to come, is it really a summer jams playlist?