One More Love Song | Mac DeMarco


Andrew Younker

Sometimes musicians come around and fill a niche so specific that they never change their formula or find a new sound. Mac DeMarco, as catchy as his tunes are, seemed to be stagnating in terms of songwriting. Until the album This Old Dog was announced and he dropped a pair of singles, Mac DeMarco was losing steam. However, these new tracks come with a more critical sense of purpose and musicality. “This Old Dog” is about Mac coming to terms with his age and “My Old Man” follows the same quarter-life crisis that Mac seems to be going through.

“One More Love Song” is not an entirely new direction for DeMarco; he has written plenty of love songs in his life. The big switch up in style comes through the heavy grand piano that gives the song new life and beauty. The chorus has one of the best jazz chord progressions in indie music this year, and while Mac’s voice isn’t impeccable, it’s at least endearing. The hook is downright majestic and it’s definitely one of Mac’s best.

It is safe to say that This Old Dog is slower, sadder, older and more introspective than his previous body of work. He also does it in a way that doesn’t alienate his obsessive fanbase, because if Mac does one thing right, it’s making songs that will stay stuck in your head for days on end.

This Old Dog is now available through Captured Tracks.