Sarah Beltran

With PWR BTTM’s sophomore album, Pageant, coming out in less than a month, the anticipation of the fans awaiting its arrival is definitely peaking. Dropping “LOL” was the“ugly cherry” on the sundae. After releasing “Big Beautiful Day,” an upbeat yet political anthem for queer kids everywhere, and “Answer My Text,” a playful jam targeting relationship dynamics and gender, “LOL” is showing us yet another fully-developed side of PWR BTTM. The track is slower with more of a seriousness to its tone.  The band doesn’t include any quips or sarcasm to face the issue they are tackling, just feelings poured out to paper.

PWR BTTM has mentioned that the song is meant to embody how it feels to try and fail, and your only option is to laugh it off to give yourself a break. The band has also mentioned that this new album is supposed to be a dual project of the personal and the political through femme glam. While “LOL” can be put in a political context, the song is definitely more on the personal side. It’s easy to relate to this song, because who hasn’t tried and failed before? This is exactly how they are bridging the gap between the seemingly-opposed personal and political.

Working from the soft, swaying waltz of guitar and drum, to adding more  elements as the lyrics look deeper into the subject, “LOL” and eventually culminates with a classic PWR BTTM garage-band like explosion of laughing out loud. If you’ve ever wanted to ease your friends into the awesomeness that is PWR BTTM, try this beautiful and moving piece. They will surely thank you.