The Undercurrent- 4/15/17-S5E14-Where Are They Now?


Daniel Rayzel

Where Are They Now?

This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel looks back on old stories and asks, “Where Are They Now?

To kick things off, a clock repairman still looking for an heir to his business — two years later.

When we last heard from the East Lansing Food Co-op, they were fighting new competition. A few months later, they closed down.

We also check up on Brandon and Zach, two guys who chose to be homeless.

Between episodes of our show, Lansing reversed a decision to become a sanctuary city.

One of our reporters lets us know how things are going with his girlfriend ever since they spoke together to discuss their past.

And to wrap up, the latest from local music supergroup The Radish Friends.