Impacter’s Choice | Earworms


Impact Content Team

Written by Jacob Tenney

Nothing permeates the brain quite like a catchy jam. When a song sinks into your head, you’ll find yourself almost instinctively humming it while folding laundry or taking a shower. They’re the go-to songs you bust out on a long car trip. They’re the songs whose lyrics you still have memorized from 9th grade while forgetting everything from high school algebra.

We here at WDBM have compiled a list of songs that you’ll play five times a row without even noticing. They’re tunes perfect for any occasion whether as a workout playlist or background music for a house party. Be warned however, they may crawl into your head and nest there for the rest of your life. Don’t be surprised if you’re kept up in bed tonight as Tegan and Sara cycles continuously through your mind.