The Basement 4/6/2017

Meghan Zimmerman

  1. Young Pioneer- Stings Like This
  2. Sewn- Cactus
  3. Hunky Newcomers- Let’s Smoke Cigarettes
  4. Dave Menzo- Old Soul
  5. People’s Temple- Nevermore
  6. Krissy Booth- Fire
  7. Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Troupe- Some Other Day
  8. Flatfoot- Leviathan
  9. Jake Down and the Midwest Mess- Shipwreck Pt.2
  10. Breather Owl Breathe- Swimming
  11. Mountain Club- Knock On The Pavement
  12. Frontier Ruckus- Ontario
  13. Jason Alarm- Wild Zero
  14. Desmond Jones- Mt. Meesha
  15. The Fever Haze- So What
  16. Marvels- So Drone
  17. Drowned Out- Oakridge
  18. Kim Vi and the Siblings- Josephine
  19. Narc Out The Reds- As Hipsters Do
  20. Cake Jetski- Cronas
  21. Small Parks- 5 Dollar Words
  22. All Is Well- In Due Time
  23. Entransient- Take What’s Left
  24. Peter Hochstedler- O’ My Brain
  25. Mountain Club- Ocean Floor
  26. Michigander- Nineties
  27. Aiogahara- Secret Grief