The Undercurrent-4/1/17-S5E12-Fake News


Daniel Rayzel and Max Johnston

Fake News

This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel draws attention to Fake News for the show’s first April Fools’ Day special.

The first segment of the show consists of four fake stories written, voiced and produced by our staff. We begin with a new source of revenue for the university: selling marijuana to students. Then, a political analyst dives into a conspiracy about who’s really in power at Michigan State University. We also hear from local parking authorities who developed technology to issue a violation before it occurs. To close things off, the questionable “Finals Frappuccino” coming to a coffee shop near you.

Once all the fake news wraps up, the show finishes with a note from reporter Max Johnston. As a young journalist, what does it mean to begin a career in the field today?