Impacter’s Choice | Spring Cleaning


Impact Content Team

Written by Autumn Miller

We whole-heartedly admit it- as of recent, we’ve made a lot of spring-themed playlists. Last week’s was Spring Broken—in light of the ending of break—and the week before that had all the warm-weather vibes as well, being Summer Reminiscing. Can you blame us though? It’s mid March and the temperature today is comparable to that of a snowy day in December.

While t-shirt weather is still a few weeks away, we here at Impact can’t wait to listen to songs that exude balminess in one way or another. We also know that waves of heat also bring on waves of productivity, or the notorious and yearly “spring cleaning venture.” What better way to combine sunny days and Swiffer Sweepers than with a playlist that covers both bases? Some 80s throwbacks, a little alt-rock jams, even some dance anthems- it’s an eclectic list of tunes, but it somehow makes all the sense in the world. These songs are easily the best way to make your dreaded, yet hopefully warm, cleaning session more tolerable.