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Afterglow | 3/19


Another week, another attempt to be the best Ivan possible. And yet new challenges seem to sprout and grow like weeds up through every crack on every walk of life. You can stop to examine the weeds, pull them if you’re particularly interested every once in a while, but remember that in the end they’re all just distractions. You’ve got life places to be, and I believe 100% that you’ll get there. Anyway, this week I’ve picked out some prime sounds for your j-ear-ny to somewhere altogether more relaxed, and they are as follows:

-:- hour one -:-
Bubbles – Yosi Horikawa
Hope – Clap! Clap!
French Inhale – [bsd.u]
Lone – Rival Consoles
Inspired or Biting – Poptartpete
Apple Pies & Butterflies – Blue Wednesday
Trees etc. – naran ratan
How?? – the Flaming Lips

That one was actually a request by our own frequent caller “Ed the Welder”, who I thank nearly every week for his thoughts on the downtempo music scene and colorful requests. Pretty cool!

(Terminally) Lovesick – infinite bisous
Journeys – h hunt
Body Heat – Suzanne Kraft
For Heaven’s Sake – Dr. Lonnie Smith
Lovegrass – Lungfulls
I Think We Should Break Up – In Love With a Ghost
Thoughts – In Love With a Ghost

And just like that, an hour’s slipped away. Not that it really matters, you deserve more than just an hour to just breath! In fact, I’ve got another hour queued up just for you anyway, right here and now!

-:- hour two -:-
A Night Thought – Pigeondust & Sugarloaf
An Empty Street – digitalluc
Toki no Senrei wo Uketeinai mono wo Yomuna – Jonny Greenwood
Everything Passes – Gron
Subterranean Homesick Alien – Radiohead
Jovial – Limes

Man, if all the world had vibes as good as Limes we’d be a hell of a lot better off!

Ontothenext – dude26
Affection – Jinsang
Dreams – Sleepdealer
i had a dream about you again – Nohidea
In Peace – The Jazz Jousters
Falling – Sleepdebt
Lipstick Stains – Jay Som
Soiree – Ark Patrol
Hopeless – weird inside
Trying – vbnd
Cardboard Stars, Sea Shells (page 100) – Kid Koala
i miss you – Mt. Marcy
Abandoned Feelings – Kaminsky
Dark – Kaminsky
Song for Zula – Phospherescent

I got distracted a bit there but what a feelings-heavy second hour, eh? I’ll catch you on the flipside, and as always chill on

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