Home Is A Feeling | Ride

Andrew Becker

Released in a set of two singles after over 20 years, “Home Is A Feeling” is a true homecoming song for shoegaze legends, Ride. Formed in 1988, the British rock band creates vivid soundscapes akin to what you’d imagine the roll credits of a car voyage off the coast would be. Taking after the cymbal with the same name, or the cruisability of their music, Ride’s music drives you forward in a gilded, slow motion manner. Drawing from many other bands for influence over the years, citing a performance by The Smith’s as the cause for starting the band, it’s interesting to see where this reunion may take the group’s changing sound. Andy Bell, guitarist/vocalist and prominent songwriter for Ride, describes this song as “It’s like 1966 Beatles meets 1988 MBV (My Bloody Valentine)… in other words, Ride.”

“Home Is A Feeling” has a warm breadth to it that reminisces on Ride’s earlier works and fully instills a slow crawl of dreamy nostalgic wonder. Stacked and reverbed guitars, distorted bass, and sweet harmonies are all in accord to the roots of what sonically Ride has paved the way for the sake of their defining genre. Although the band holds a distaste for the term shoegaze—call it dream pop or simply great 90’s Indie—“Home Is A Feeling” is a comforting release for long time fans or curious new listeners. Its colorful mold of sounds is bound to wash over you, leaving you plastered with rose tinted bliss as though Ride hadn’t missed a beat over these years.

With their album expected to be released this summer, “Home Is A Feeling” has enough anecdotal mentions of sun and great returns that it’s sure set to be the band’s next anthem.