Impacter’s Choice | Summer Reminiscing


Impact Content Team

Written by Autumn Miller:

With the few teasingly warm and sunny days that Michigan’s had the past few weeks, it’s hard not to become fixed in a balmy mindset. While it’s midterm season and you know you should be becoming highly acquainted with the library, you can’t help but want to spend all of the hours of daylight outside, soaking up the rays and improving your mood using the best method— the great outdoors. I mean, no one’s going to try and stop you.

Then, you force yourself to return to reality and remember that it’s March 1st. Summer is still two months away, and papers and tests are only going to continue to make their presence known. But hey, who said that you can’t stay in a warm state-of-mind?

Here at Impact, we wanted to make a playlist that fit the mold for days when you’re aching to be free of responsibilities and thick sweaters. We know you’re reminiscing about afternoons spent lazily hammocking when you see snowflakes, because we are too. If you can’t have warm winter days every day, then at least you can have a breezy playlist that fits them.