Shooting Stars | Bag Raiders


Charles Benoit

The song “Shooting Stars” by the Bag Raiders, an Australian electronic group, has recently been gaining hype due to being on the Michigan State University Snapchat story.

The song starts out with a catchy tambourine and clap beat before drawing you into the main electronic melody that starts a few bars after. The electronic melody repeats itself, while changing octaves, but keeping the same rhythmic pattern, making it easy to get stuck in your head. The vocals are more held back and are soothing, fitting with the dominant electric vibe. As the song progresses, the electronic music builds and the vocals pick up, making you want to dance.

The song is about a person at night, who seems depressed. In the music video the person is looking out the window at something. He goes outside to look in the sky and it blinds him— shooting stars. He tries to chase them while singing “Give my love to a shooting star / But she moves so fast / That I can’t keep up / I’m chasing.” The song could symbolize a person with nothing left, loving a shooting star because of the hope of a wish, but we’ll let you be the judge.