Throwback Thursday — Fly | Sugar Ray


Grace McKelvey

In light of this delightfully warm weather we’ve recently had, it seems appropriate to throw it back to the summer of ‘97 with the release of “Fly” by Sugar Ray. This cheery, upbeat hit held its own atop Billboard’s Hot 100 for four consecutive weeks. With reggae infusions from featured artist Supercat, “Fly” brings its own unique flavor to album Floor. Though, Sugar Ray does end up sticking to its pop rock roots with the addition of a small guitar solo around 2 minutes in, underneath some of Supercat’s indistinguishable and slightly muted rapping.

After listening to the song enough, something is quite apparent—the cheery, reggae beat does not match the dark and slightly dreary content of the song. Sugar Ray casually slips in gloomy lyrics telling of his mother’s death with some guitar, drums, and reggae rapping to give the illusion the song is all smiles and sunshine.

Regardless, “Fly” is sure to supply those summer vibes everyone is longing for after the few days of warmth we’ve had. So, flip it on and crank it up the next time you’re soaking up the sun or wishing the snow, sleet or rain would end and summer would begin.