The Undercurrent-2/11/17-S5E5- Love Is (Still) Weird


Daniel Rayzel, Alex Euliano, and Niana Rao

This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel reminds listeners that Love Is (Still) Weird.

Following up last year’s S2E5: Love is Weird, this year’s episode continues the tradition of exploring the confusing, awkward and incredible powers of love.

Back by popular demand, we have an ex-couple talk about where things went wrong – and right. WDBM’s own Alex Euliano calls his on-and-off girlfriend in Pennsylvania.

Also, host Rayzel plays matchmaker and brings together two WDBM volunteers to go over the 36 questions that lead to love.

To wrap things up, reporter Naina Rao sits down with an interracial couple going against pressure from family and friends.

Music courtesy of The Radish Friends.