Bad Behavior | The Maine


Maggie Morgan

“Arizona Emo Group,” The Maine, have been busy! Not only did the band just headline 8123 Fest, a music festival sponsored by the 8123 record label to celebrate the band’s 10 year anniversary, they announced the release date of their 6th studio album titled Lovely, Little, Lonely. They dropped a new single called Bad Behavior.

The song is incredibly catchy, and the band does a great job of mixing their pop-punk roots with an edgier, alternative sound. This is one of those songs that I’d drive around to in the summer with the windows down. I’m not going to lie, I had it blasting while I was doing my laundry over the weekend and I couldn’t help but dance around and sing along. The electric guitar sounds so appealing paired with the mischievousness that’s apparent in lead singer, John O’Callaghan’s, voice.

I know that I’m going to be listening to Bad Behavior, and the entirety of The Maine’s discography until their album drops on April 7, so make sure to check out the new single!