January Anti-Blues Playlist


Autumn Miller

With 2016—finally—behind us, 2017 naturally slides into full-force. While I’m more than thankful for a fresh start and hopefully another year teeming with an abundance of jams, the beginning of a new year also signals a certain month to stand proudly and tall–January.

To me, January is easily one of the worst months. I don’t care that my birthday falls towards the end of it (gifts are happily accepted), the first month of the year is always cold, wet, and filled with a lot of resolutions that we don’t intend to keep.

Call me a pessimist if you will, but it’s simply just a realistic viewpoint that I have for 31 days out of 365. Though this seasonal funk is a little hard to shake, I find that constructing a killer playlist with upbeat songs can typically cure almost any ailment that one could possibly have. Considering that you may be stuck in the same rut as yours truly, I’ve put together a mix of songs that can transform the middle of this drab month into a balmy spring day- or at least let you feel like it’s something darn close to it.